ISLE´s 10th Anniversary Conference

"Better Education for a Better World"

Innovation in Life Science Higher Education for Sustainable Change


Dr. Luis Manuel Navas Gracia pertenece al comité organizador “The ISLE 2022 Conference” que se realiza entre el 26 al 29 de septiembre en Palencia. El congreso tiene como objetivo conocer las últimas tendencias y retos en el campo de la Educación Superior para el Desarrollo Sostenible, centrándose en las experiencias innovadoras en las IES hacia acciones individuales y colectivas, poniendo el énfasis en iniciativas empresariales sostenibles y oportunidades conectadas con las ODS.


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Goals / Objectives of the conference:

The ISLE 2022 Conference will act as a platform to bridge the gap in knowledge dissemination enhancing the true essence of teaching, learning and research for a climate-neutral and sustainable future for 2030.

Higher Education Institutions in Life Sciences need to prepare students with the knowledge, skills, and attributes to tackle the world's greatest challenges. However, SDGs’ challenges can be faced only through a Research-led, Transformative and Action-oriented education.

For this reason, the conference aims at: discovering the latest trends and challenges in the field of Higher Education for Sustainable Development; focusing on the innovative experiences in HEIs towards individual and collective actions; putting the emphasis on sustainable entrepreneurial initiatives and employability opportunities connected with the SDGs.

Teachers, researchers and young generations / students representatives will be involved as creative protagonists in thinking, planning and managing the change. The ISLE 2022 Conference will unite diverse experts, researchers, decision-makers and young people from all over the world.