El profesor y miembro del CTRI Jorge Mozo impartió una videoconferencia en la Universidad Sergio Arboleda (Bogotá, Colombia) el día 28 de mayo de 2020 con el título: Modelos matemáticos en epidemiología.




 In thesedifficultdays, we are listening in media terms as exponentialgrowth, reproductionrate, and so. These are termslinkedwiththestudy of populationgrowth, spread of diseases and relatedareas. In thistalkwewillfocusonthemathematicalmodelsused in epidemiology, mainly in Kermack and McKendrick' SIR model and some of itsvariants, from a mathematicalpoint of view. Amongthedifferenttechniquescommonlyused in thestudy of epidemics, wewilltreatdeterministicmodels, basedondynamicalsystemstheory. Wewillpresentthemainmathematicaltoolsthatwewillneed. Thetalkwill be as self-contained as possible, no prerequisitesneeded.